Shannen Mythen

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From the beginning...

Shannen is a self-taught artist living in San Diego, California. Originally from Ireland, Shannen moved to the US with her now husband in early 2018. With a bachelor’s degree in early years education, Shannen had been a teacher for most of her adult life but when the pandemic hit in 2020 her priorities changed, as they did for a lot of people. This shift in how she viewed the world and life in itself made her more eager than ever to move towards a career that was as fulfilling as possible and reflected her true self. With the support and motivation of her husband, family and friends she made the decision to become a full-time artist. Shannen grew up in a very creative household so art was always a natural part of life, even as a child painting, drawing and creating is where she would find peace, solace, concentration and flow.

The journey so far...

Since 2020 there has been many changes with Shannen’s art, including her style, creative process, business model, marketing strategies and everything in between. Through all of the ups and downs and learning more each day Shannen Mythen Art has evolved into what you see today and is ever adapting as Shannen finds her space in this market that fits best with her values and goals. “Much of the changes you see in my style and business has mirrored a transformation in me as a person. For me 2020 was a year of creating a network of  people that I connect with on a higher level. It was a year of self-discovery in so many ways but would not have been possible without the web of amazing people that I have been lucky enough to gravitate towards. When you are surrounded by such graceful people who share similar values as your own everything becomes so much clearer and it is easier to move closer towards your truest self.”

Finding Purpose...

Today Shannen’s art is fueled by her emotions, feelings and energy. “I am extremely sensitive to energy in particular and I often see energy in forms of color, therefore it is only natural that I use art to explore these feelings. I am essentially documenting these energies, auras, feelings (or whatever label is comfortable to you) through the colors, movement, expression and textures in my artwork. As well as journaling these energies onto the canvas I also add my own energy to each piece. While creating a piece I channel energies that align with healing, love, belonging and security into each brushstroke so that when the canvas is placed in your home it will radiate this positive energy.” Shannen aims to create art that each collector will connect with in a deep and meaningful way. “The purpose of my artwork is to express an energy or emotion that I can feel while also adding my own spirit to the piece.”

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